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  Gout is a disease caused by disorder of lipids metabolism. Its clinical characteristics are:  hematuria, acute and chronic arthritis relapsing repeatedly, degenerative joint, renal disease, uric acid and gout calculus formation, and etc.  It is common among middle age people of which male accounts for 95%.

 Clinical manifestations include frequently abrupt flare up in the middle of night.  It begins with unilateral arthritis,   occasionally, accompanied with double-edge symptom.  It is mostly found on the thumb. It gradually develops into the ankle, hand, wrist, knee, elbow, and the rest of foot joints. Symptom relapses irregularly and may develop into multiple arthritises.  Its manifestation includes sore, swelling, burnt, painful and restricted movement.  Additionally, it also displays fever, fatigue, lost appetite, headache, increase of white corpuscles and ESR ( erythrocyte sedimentation rate ) accelerates. Inducing causes are chills, too tired, infection, joint trauma, surgery, not enough sleeping, and drinking too much, food allergy, fatty foods and mental stress.

  15% of patients with primary gout disease contract nephrolithiasis.  Acute pyelonephritis and hematuria will take place.  Some patients may suffer from nephritis and damaged renal vessels that lead to glomerule nephritis and the rise of urea nitrogen and myosin.  When acute gout flares up, joint and its nearby soft tissue swells and pain is felt.  If the control fails within three days, compounded bacterial infection may occur and lead to the highly dangerous tenosynovitis.  The consequence is critical.

  The disease is divided into two categories according to various causes of  acidosis.  They are the primary gout disease and the succeeding.  In the past, the cause of primary gout was believed to be high cholesterol food related.  Currently, it has been proven that only people who have inherent gout diathesis may contract the disease.  Thus, in general, the cause of primary gout relates to disorder of lipid metabolism.  Succeeding gout disease usually takes place in the kidney, blood and cardiovascular which are the pathogen causing the excessive production of, or insufficient excretion of uric acid. 
It leads to hematuria disease.

  Contemporary medicine has no thoroughly effective treatment for the symptom.  It is usually dealt with accordingly.  Diminish inflamation and painkiller only control or mitigate the symptom temporarily.

  Chinese medicine theory categorizes the symptom into rheumatism, palsy and torment diseases. It is generally believed, if the physical exterior, muscle and energy channels are attacked on by wind, chill, humidity and heat, causing the air, blood, vein and artery to alfunction, then, soreness, swelling, fever, pain deformity will take place on the joints.
  GOUT-FORMULA nourishes the kidney and freshens the air; cools the heat and dries up the damp; keeps the blood flow active and sanitizes the urine;  smooths the respiration and vein; so that the goal of diminishing inflamation and stopping pain is achieved.  Pathology of this disease is complicated.  Recipe includes the application of rheumatism relief, respiratory smoothing and blood nutrition.  These are applied in a reciprocal and coordinating manner.  The application results in clearing the heat and filthy damp; and
smoothing the respiration and blood circulation.  It deals with the basic of the symptom and roots out its pathological bedrock.

  Gout is closely related to metabolism.  Therefore, besides the application of recipe, habits in daily life should be in order.  Keep a low profile pace.  Abstain from alcohol, meats and nuts.  Avoid overworking and excessive sensual activity.  One should especially keep away from high cholesterol internal organs of animals.  Too much cholesterol will cause the uric acid to overproduce.

   *  Designed for people who have gout, arthritis uric, acute arthritis.
   *  Directions: 3 times daily, 3 tablets each time. 

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